If you need to buy a laptop, computer or repair faulty equipment, launch a web site - please, always happy to help.

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The new development site, or updating and promotion of the site, acting?

new development site, or updating and promotion of the site
We provide website promotion services for small and large companies, individuals and businesses, including e-commerce.
Our services - is to create maximum online presence in the network, which is well above industry standards and expectations.
For example, web-design website logo, corporate identity, website development, content management, reputation management, e-commerce solutions, search engine optimization and social media marketing services are provided with the originality and innovation to help your business. Our search engine optimization services bring to increase search engine rankings, regardless of the competitiveness of your business niche.


Computer repair, laptop repair in Kharkov.

Repair your computer or laptop repair provides reliable computer and laptop work an extension of its service life, support for individuals, families and businesses in all areas of Kharkov. If you need to replace the motherboard, set up a secure wireless network, set up a home network or to recover lost data, you can rely on our experience. We try not only to provide assistance and support, but also help you understand what is happening with your computer, so you can use this information to further their work on the computer.

Reducing the response time on the order.

Because of the quick response you will appreciate the flexibility and prioritize your tasks.

Remote support

For minor problems and urgent matters, we offer our customers remote assistance by phone, chat, email and remote desktop.

Repair your computer or laptop


Collect, buy a computer in Kharkov?

 Yestida- not branch specific store or hardware manufacturer, there is no warehouse with outdated components that implement nebhodimo so you can be sure that the newest and best computer accessories will always be ordered.
To collect, buy, order a PC in Kharkov should apply to the office or to order remotely. Buy a computer, or to buy a laptop - is collected in a single device a set of optimal computer komplektuyuyuschih - agreed on the compatibility and speed ..

Intel provider


Ремонт и настройка компьютера, замена матрицы, ремонт ноутбука, продвижение сайта Харьков.

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  • There is no reason for concern

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